Introducing PJN Dental

We picked our name because we are family-centric and we put our family at the heart of all the decisions that we make.  For this reason, when we make our decisions at the office, we don’t center all of what we do on the doctor’s preferences or schedule. We ultimately believe that things are done because of the ones we love, help, and care for. The closest ones for us are our family and so in our office we don’t make decisions based on our time or how much money we will make. This extends to our staff. We want to make their family something that we are mindful of and in the same way we extend that to our patients.

PJN Dental stands for Pascal and Jennifer Nguyen. Jennifer and I are complete partners in life and family. In our business and everything we do and love, it is this way. It is important to us that the name of our practice reflects that.

Our logo was picked because we want to take a stand and be the advocate for our patients. We believe in adding value by creating relationships and great experiences with you. The way in which we want to do that is by innovating dental care for you by creating new ways to improve your treatment and your overall experience in our office. We do this in the following ways: reduce the amount of time and the number of times that you come here by making things more integrated; making sure the treatments are more comprehensive through training; and leaving spaces available in the schedule so we can do things when you are here, instead of having to make an appointment coming back. We are trying to find ways to reduce pain and increase comfort. For example, we have a device for numbing, that looks and feels different than a traditional needle.  We also try to innovate in the areas of another barrier; cost and insurance.