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The highly-skilled team at PJN Dental is dedicated to giving you the best in holistic dental care. We are passionate about taking a natural approach in order to treat underlying health concerns, not only just the surface symptoms that you may experience. Overall, we believe that oral health can negatively impact the rest of the body. It is our goal to assist you with the best experience and our utmost quality care by listening to your individual needs and concerns. We understand the connection between oral care and whole-body wellness and are dedicated to focusing on your overall health and well-being.

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To redefine dentistry by advocating for the patient in all we do.

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Dr. Pascal is known for being an integrative dentist who has worked to reinvent holistic healthcare. As the only dentist who treats the entire body through the health of the mouth, his clinic redefines the practice of dentistry through restorative care. Dr. Pascal identifies the mouth as the nucleus of the body, you can treat all-around health issues through that singular entrypoint rather than treating the symptoms that arise.
General Manager Jenn Sender

Jennifer Senderkiewicz


I absolutely love being in the dental field! What I love most is helping people solve any challenges they may encounter, from understanding and choosing the right treatment plan to the financial aspects of their decision. Most importantly, I value the relationships I have been able to build with our patients. Today, I am the wife of a wonderful man and a mom to four sublime kids, but I am also a woman who is passionate about making a difference.
Brandy Image

Brandy B.


I’ve been in the dental field for ten years and throughout the ten years I finally feel as if I have found my dental home in holistic dentistry. Not only do I feel as if I am making a difference in patients lives with holistic education but I am also making a difference in my own life by implementing what I learn in my day to day activities. My life has recently forever changed by welcoming a beautiful baby boy in my life and now believe it is important more then ever to make health and happiness my top priority, not only for myself but for my son.

Nikki D.


I began my dental assisting career years ago in rural Nebraska where I fell in love with a cozy dental family atmosphere and educating patients on the importance of good oral health. I’m passionate about fitness, healthy eating, and taking care of myself which gives me a strong foundation for giving whole-body, holistic dental care. When I’m not providing a world-class experience at the office, you can find me on the hiking trails with my husband or spending time with my three kids.

Joey S.


Bio coming soon.

Emy R.


Bio coming soon.
Jaquelina P

Jaquelina P


I love to help people and be there for them as much as I can. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and my golden retriever Oatz. I really push myself to challenge to become a better version that What I can be. I have a big passion for the great outdoors and photography. You can find me outside doing something spontaneous on a weekly basis. I became interested in holistic health in since 2016 when I told my coworker that I wanted to work for place that was different, different in ways that can really change the world to be a better place.

Yamina H.


Bio coming soon.

Melinda M.


Bio coming soon.

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