Hiring Process

We are centered around the culture that we’re trying to create. The main values around that are creating an amazing, memorable, and positive experience for our patients. We feel that in order for this to happen consistently it must be through the culture of our office. For this culture to continue to go on and to be able to propagate the way we want it to, it must start with taking amazing care of each employee and for that to be perfect, we need to select the proper people. The first step in our selection process is to look for attitude and personality that matches our culture. This connecting attitude and the desire to help is hard to teach, but can grow. We of course then look for aptitudes or skills, but those are definitely secondary to attitude. We want people that can work well on our team, that will help and care for one another, so that we can all properly care for our patients. We are very proud of the employees that we already have. Dr. VanGordon has been working here for over two decades and is an amazing dentist who is extremely skilled but also so relatable and easy to connect with. He’s a wonderful individual that’s great with patients and is very appreciated. Lindsay, our hygienist, is delicate, very understanding, very professional and yet very relatable. Brooke is an assistant that has been here for a year but is already making a huge difference. She is no nonsense and gets everything done, but is always very caring. She always knows where everything is and always wants to help. Beverly, our other assistant, is the sweetest lady. We’re so proud to have her on our team because we know how caring she is. She devoted her life to her children and now that her children are grown up, she’s sending that same care to every one of our patients and she’s very skillful at what she does. Our newest team member, Amy, has one of the brightest personalities I know. She’s always smiling, she’s super smart, and she knows how to do everything. I don’t know how she does it but she does everything. Lastly, Jennifer is our office manager and staff coordinator. She is essentially the glue of the office because she knows where everything is and gets everything done. Her biggest skill is how amazing she is with people. They just love her instantly.