Holistic Care

Our focus is holistic care, we take care of your dental needs with your overall health in mind by using sustainable, least-toxic materials to ensure that your smile will last a lifetime and will not have an adverse effect on your health.

Often, our patients are surprised about how much overall health is affected by dental care. In holistic dental care, along with traditional dentistry, we work to perform routine cleanings, provide repair for damaged or decaying teeth, replace missing teeth, and treat other oral issues. The difference is that when we approach these procedures, we often have various treatment plans that we can use. The mouth is a direct entry way for bacteria into the bloodstream, which can cause a variety of problems in the body. We always take the overall body into consideration and work to find and treat the root of the problem instead of just your surface symptoms. We also treat all of our patients using the safest materials that are on the market.

What We Offer

Oxygen Ozone

Ozonotherapy is the use of medical grade ozone, a highly reactive form of pure oxygen. Oxygen ozone stimulates the body to heal itself. Published papers have demonstrated its healing effects dental infections, as it enhances the quality of blood flow to the area. It also has the power to reduce dental sensitivity, improve and speed up healing after extractions, bone grafts,  and  placement of implants. Dr Nguyen will use different ways of ozone applications; topical, injection and insufflation.

Metal Free alternatives

Metal-free zirconia implants are increasing in popularity because of its compatibility with gums and bone. It is more biocompatible, and will encourage soft tissue growth which decreases the risk of gum recession. Placement of the implant may also be performed at the same time as the extraction of tooth, which makes it very attractive. It is a great option for holistic patients who have metal sensitivity and who want to support their overall health.

Safe Mercury Removal

Some of us have high sensitivities to certain materials and their by-products

All dental amalgam restorations, also commonly referred to as silver fillings, contain approximately 50% mercury1. Unsafe mercury removal can be harmful to the patient, dental professionals and the environment. Dr Nguyen is an accredited member of the IAOMT and one of the few certified dental providers who specializes in safe mercury-amalgam removal using the strict SMART protocol, which consists of:

  1. Charcoal and chlorella to rinse and swallow before and after the treatment.
  2. A dental dam is placed to isolate the tooth being worked on to avoid any contact with soft tissues or swallowing particles.
  3. Protective garments are placed on the patient including surgical gown, hat, and face and neck shield.
  4. Oxygen is delivered to the patient via a nasal canula during the mercury removal process.
  5. A separate oral aerosol vacuum, with is placed 2 to 4 inches from the patient’s mouth to mitigate mercury exposure. Slow and high volume suction is also used at all times.
  6. An amalgam separator is used to collect all mercury particles from being released into the environment.

1. World Health Organization.  Mercury in Health Care: Policy Paper.  Geneva, Switzerland; August 2005: 1.  Available from: http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/medicalwaste/mercurypolpaper.pdf.  Accessed December 22, 2015.

Safe root canal teeth removal

Conventional root canals may rapidly relieve pain and get rid of the infection, however, it leaves behind bacteria in inaccessible places within the tooth. Potent metabolic waste and anaerobic toxins come slowly out of the tooth and into the body. Reinfection may appear in those root canal-treated teeth which may appear to show no sign of failure, nor pain. Unfortunately, there is no perfect disinfection of canals, because there is no regeneration of the pulp at the center of the tooth, with its blood supply, flow of fluids, and immune potency.

Dr. Pascal understands the effects of root canal treated teeth go beyond the oral cavity and can endager other parts of the body and cause systemic disease through the transfer of bacteria into the bloodstream.

Safe root canal removal consists in removing the tooth in the most a-traumatic way possible, removing periodontal ligaments attached to the tooth and cleansing deeply with ozone fumigation and laser technology. The patient’s blood matrix is then used called PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) with additional bone and placed in the site to promote healing, prevent infection and promote bone regrow therapy for a strong foundation.

Vitamin C IV Therapy

IV Vitamin C therapy has demonstrated positive effects. The ascorbic acid drastically reduces discomfort and pain experienced by patients while improving healing and significantly enhancing recovery time. Through a high-dose vitamin C infusion, the vitamin C does not have to be absorbed by the intestinal mucosa first but enters the blood system directly. Individuals with reduced intestinal absorption capacity greatly benefit from this.

Over the course of treatment an infusion is administered intravenously during the dental surgery, and at the post operative check appointment.

Biocompatibility Testing

CLIFFORD MATERIALS REACTIVITY TESTING (CMRT) is a test that is recommended for patients who have many sensitivities to chemicals in general or who have had dental work done in the past and feel like their body is reacting. This test is performed with a blood draw at our office and which is sent to the testing lab. A report is then sent back to the patient and Dr Pascal which will list materials that may be ‘suitable or ‘not suitable’. This report is very complete with over 170 pages of most dental material and brands. When necessary, Dr Pascal will order specific material for his patient to make sure that it is compatible with the patient’s health and condition.

Safe tooth extraction

Safe tooth extraction consists in removing the tooth in the most a-traumatic way possible, removing periodontal ligaments attached to the tooth and cleansing deeply with ozone fumigation and laser technology. The patient’s blood matrix is then used called PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) with additional bone and placed in the site to promote healing, prevent infection and promote bone regrowth for a strong foundation.

At PJN Dental, our patients can benefit from IV Vitamin C therapy to boost their immune system as well as the use of a PEMF ( Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy), which has been reported to produce anti-inflammatory and bone-healing effects by decreasing the production of free radicals and stimulating osteoblasts during any surgical procedure and leave home with a wellness package to assist in healing and recovery.

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)

We draw an autogenous material that is drawn from a person’s own platelets and is used to enhance wound healing and tissue regeneration. It has been observed for decades that these platelets contain growth factors that are responsible for increase collagen production, blood vessels growth, and recruitment of other cells that migrate to the site of injury. PRF has been used in dentistry as an aid in preventing infection, healing and regeneration of cells in surgical sites.

At PJN Dental, our phlebotomy trained staff will draw the patient’s blood at the beginning of the surgery visit, then centrifuge and prepare the membrane which Dr Pascal will use to protect the site.

Metal Free Implants

Dental implants have traditionally been made of titanium, although PJN Dental has chosen to use an alternative to metal implants and uses Zirconia or ceramic implants for a number of reasons.

A dental implant is a ‘post’ that is inserted into the jaw bone to act as an artificial tooth root to replace a missing tooth. Once the implant has healed, usually 4 to 6 months, a crown is then placed which will look the same and function the same as a natural tooth.

Our metal free implants are the same color as teeth and are biocompatible, meanin they don’t trigger an immunological response that could lead to further complications. With an increase in the use of metals such as titanium for surgical purposes we are seeing a consequent increase in allergic reactions to these metals.

Zirconia does not have any risk of adverse reactions, as it does not corrode and also will not conduct electrogalvanic fields through the mouth and head as with metal implants. »


Dr Pascal uses the technology of his Cone Beam CT scan (CBCT) to detect areas where there can be low grade bone jaw infection. It has shown that a wisdom tooth site is most often the location of the infection. A bone density meter is used to measure the bone density in the area and this is a very good indicator of low grade infection which contains encapsulated bacteria, viruses, parasites and pathogens. A specimen of the areas treated is then sent out to a pathology lab in order to get a report of what was enclosed in the jaw bone. Dr will use ozone fumigation and laser for disinfection purposes, after which PRF is used and placed in the site to promote healing and speed up recovery.

FOTONA Laser Technology

LightWalker lasers are designed for dental perfectionists and all forward-thinking professionals who wish to upgrade their daily dental experience with new treatment possibilities that only the latest laser technology can offer. Lasers offer an advantage in allowing a more conservative approach in dentistry. It provides means for improved cutting speed, finesse and comfort when treating hard and soft dental tissues. Removing as less healthy structure as possible when restoring teeth due to decay, is always key. Disinfection before placing new restorative material will also allow a more long term successful restoration.

When modifying soft tissue, the Fotona laser allows a much more comfortable experience and healing time is a fraction of time compared to traditional methods. The disinfection function also allows the doctor to cleanse areas of infection with more efficiency and depth. The Fotona laser offers dentists entirely new treatment possibilities and unmatched levels of precision that have not been seen before in the world of dentistry.

Key treatments in which PJN Dental uses the laser each and every time for their patients:

  • Conservative dentistry
  • Implant placement
  • Extractions
  • Cavitation surgery
  • Nightlase
  • Pain management
  • Soft tissue modification
  • Frenectomy

“It was an honor and pleasure to be treated by Dr. Pascal Nguyen! He is very professional and kind with patients. The staff is amazing with their welcoming smiles and good care they provide. I would definitely go back and recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great dentist! I felt very comfortable there and am very satisfied with the treatment received.“