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What is PJN Dental?

Known for their integrative approach to dentistry, PJN Dental is working to reinvent holistic healthcare.

As the leading dentist who treats the entire body from an oral approach, Dr. Pascal Nguyen redefines the practice of dentistry through restorative care. Improving oral care not only affects your mouth but also your life as a whole. We promote the idea of whole body wellness through restorative, holistic dental methods and services. 

At PJN Dental, we focus on the direct link that exists between overall oral health and the rest of the body.

Working to provide you with the most favorable options for your dental services, we fully understand how much oral health affects your entire body. Issues that begin in the mouth can lead to other serious health concerns, such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and more. Maintaining a healthy mouth is essential for optimal full-body health and wellness.

Through our unique treatment options, we work to treat the root cause of any oral issues in the mouth instead of simply treating surface symptoms. 

Holistic Dental Care

Most people are not aware of the affects poor oral care can have on the rest of the body. Holistic  Dentistry focuses on the direct link that exists between the two, while aiming to treat the causes of any oral health care challenges that you may have. 

In comprehensive dental care, the addition of holistic-focused services can add more benefits for your overall health and wellness. Holistic Dentistry is also referred to as biological dentistry, or integrative dentistry. This care focuses on the integral role that our oral health can play within our entire body and its overall wellness. Alongside some conventional treatment plans, we also incorporate natural and alternative methods of dentistry in order to treat, diagnose, and prevent problems within the body. 

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We look forward to offering personalized holistic health care, beautiful dentistry, and exceptional patient experiences.


Here to walk alongside you

Pascal Nguyen


My focus is treating my patients with a holistic approach. Oral health has a crucial role in achieving whole body health, therefore my mission is to be a key player in people’s health journey.

We are eager to be your guide in your journey of dental care. We provide diverse kinds of dentistry in a calm atmosphere where you are always heard. Our team knows that everyone is different so we craft each experience for each patient. We know that past experiences, time, and expenses can all be barriers to good dental health.

At PJN Dental we do everything we can to jump those hurdles with you, so you receive the care you need and deserve.

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We look forward to offering personalized holistic health care, beautiful dentistry, and exceptional patient experiences.

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