Why Choose Rainy Day Games in Aloha?

Rainy Day Games in Aloha, Oregon is a leading hobby shop located in the Portland-Metro region. It is highly acclaimed for offering a very extensive selection of games for both the young and the young at heart. Even better, it comes with a separate section, which is designed to let prospective customers try out the games they wish to purchase. This remarkable game store is also renowned for the top notch customer service experience it provides to each and every client.

Exhaustive Collection of Both New and Used Games.

This hobby store makes it its primary business to offer an extremely extensive collection of different new and even used games. You will get to pick from popular board games, collectible card games, RPGs, party games, puzzles, miniature games, and disc golf to name but a few.

Stellar Customer Service

Rainy Day Games in Aloha Oregon takes it upon itself to provide an outstanding customer service experience to all its customers. To this end, it makes it a point to retain an exceptionally friendly and helpful sales team. Every member of the team is highly knowledgeable in games and customer service, and are, at all times, very eager to assist you in any way they can. Depending on exactly what you are looking for, their sales team can furnish you with insightful recommendations to suit you to the T.

Try Out the Games You Love For Free

As an added bonus, Rainy Day Games comes with a section at the back of the store, which is dedicated to permitting customers to try out games for free. This quite naturally goes along in enabling you to get the feel of the products you are interested in, prior to purchasing them. This section has a number of gaming tables and an array of games already opened, that you and your companions can try them out. You will also be able to take part in tournaments with the staff members that are held in this section on a regular basis if you wish.

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