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At PJN Dental, Dr. Nguyen has been trained and excels in Endodontics, offering a full range of endodontic treatments to fit your needs, including routine root canals.

The American Dental Association recognizes nine official dental specialties, endodontics being one of them. The American Board of Endodontists provides board certification for those who have completed the required training. Endodontics is the study of the pulp, and of the surrounding tissues which enclose the roots of teeth. There are some specific dental procedures which are primarily performed by endodontists that form an important part of the overall dental health care system.

Essentially, the main area of focus by an endodontist is root canals. This is the procedure that they perform the most often. Many people need root canals for various reasons, and when they do, they are typically going to have to be referred to someone that specializes in endodontics.

Endodontists receive extensive training, which means that while they primarily perform root canals. There are other procedures which they are also trained to perform that promote overall dental hygiene. This includes more complex root canals, oral surgery, and re-treatments. They sometimes play a part in inserting artificial teeth after a tooth has been removed. The other services they provide happen rarely in most cases. Typically, an endodontist will spend most of their time performing root canals. This is a procedure which is often required due to problems like extensive decay or abscessed teeth. General dentists will usually refer patients to an endodontist when there are infections of unknown causes affecting the pulp.

There are some general dentists that perform root canals, but usually only when the case is incredibly simple. In situations where the condition of the root is going to require anything but the most basic root canal, a referral to an endodontist is usually required. Because molars are harder to perform a root canal on, even if the required procedure is going to be further back in the mouth, a referral is often recommended. While most dentists do receive some endodontic training while in school, the more advanced procedures and practices are those which are reserved for specialist training.

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Going in to get dental implants may seem scary. If you have lost a tooth and don’t want to wear dentures, you may want a more permanent way to replace a missing tooth. Getting a dental implant may be the best place to start.

When you visit us at PJN Dental, we assess your teeth and help you recover your smile. Having a dental implant is important for more than just aesthetics. Your dental hygiene will improve with a dental implant and the procedure will give you a tooth that can last for the rest of your life if you take care of it properly.